Any thoughts on this panel?

This panel, a Cutler Hammer, has a 4/0 alum. feed from an SEU cable in the top. There are several 2pole brkrs. in the top 1/3 of the panel. and there is a 60amp breaker on the left side one up from the bottom. there is a pair of wires (#4 copper)that connect the the breaker to the bottom of the buss bar. I can determine from that this panel has a split buss. The 60a kills the bottom of the panel only. The top portion, doesn’t appear to have a disconnect, but is bonded, and water pipe grounded.

Any thoughts?

So no other disconnect at the meter or elsewhere?

How many hand throws would it take to de-energize the panel?

The 6 or less breakers at the top of the split bus panels are the disconnects.

Any sub panels tapped directly off the main lugs? And when you say “several breakers” is it just six 240volt ones?

One other question, what is the wiring of the top right breaker in the photo? It looks like either three wires are going to it or a single 120 volt is directly above it just out of the frame of the photo. The number of breakers will determine the number of hand movements needed to shut down all the power, which as Jim an Larry indicated, is the concern.

Nope, no disconnects anywhere.

Two throws.

I am actually a little more concerned with the bonding and grounding without a true main disconnect. It is bonded like a main panel would be.

This is a service panel. The only difference is that you may need up to 6 throws to shut off the power instead of todays single main breaker.

Care to count again? A split buss can need up to 6 throws to turn the power off. This panel has more than 2 breakers in the top half of the split.

I guess I am confusing the definition of a “throw” of the hand. I can assume that you are saying this as grabbing each handle and flipping it. I am saying (and maybe incorrectly) that with the outer portion of my hand I can kill that panel in two throws. I did it at the inspection.

Yes, each breaker is one throw. How many were there?

Grounding and bonding should be okay if it is done like a main panel as you say. If it would take more than six “throws” to shut down all the power to the home then it will need one or more of the upper breakers moved to the lower half or a main disconnect installed separately.

It a disconnect does get installed then it(the disconnect) will become the main panel and this will have to be wired as a subpanel: unbonded and the neutrals floating separate from the grounds.

5 total. 2 on the left, 3 on the right.

That should be fine. I would call out the neutral/grounds doubled up under the same bus screws.

One of my standard narratives.:wink: