Split bus panel -

Correct me if I am wrong, here. :mrgreen:

-House built mid 60’s, service entrance panel
-Split bus panel
-Another set of conductors are attached on lugs beside the SEC lugs, which are then secured further down the panel. At that second securing, it is a double tapped with a smaller wire connecting to the other opposite side.

This makes all breakers hot (not fed from upper breaker) and exceeds the 6-throw rule.

Right ???

Oh, Stablock panel in hallway. The things we find.!

Thanks for all the input

Linda, I just recently found a panel similar to this one, maybe this will help .

Looks like in that panel you have to throw every breaker?

Hi Linda,

Yes that appears to be the case.



Yes. Would have to throw every breaker.

Linda .,

You have to defered this to the electrician there is few code volidatons there.