Ive never seen this before

Check out this panel, No main breaker/shutoff, but 2 60 amp shutoffs that shutoff different sections of the panel. They soldered wire DIRECTLY onto the distribution plates. This house HAD electric baseboard heat, apparently it was removed, that is the middle section. The bottom section is for the rest of the house. There is no shutoff for the top section at all, guess they would have to call the PO CO to shut it off.
Anyone else ever seen this before?

Are you sure there was no main breaker at the meter?
Just asking?

Can’t tell for sure from the pics but if you can remove power by 6 hand throws or less grouped together the lack of a main disconnect is not an issue.

[230.71 Maximum Number of Disconnects.]
(A) General. The service disconnecting method for each service permitted by 230.2, or for each
set of service-entrance conductors permitted by 230.40, Exception Nos. 1, 3, 4, or 5, shall consist
of not more than six switches or sets of circuit breakers, mounted in a single enclosure, in a
group of separate enclosures, or in or on a switchboard. There shall be no more than six sets of
disconnects per service grouped in any one location. For the purpose of this section,
disconnecting means used solely for power monitoring equipment, or the control circuit of the
ground-fault protection system or power-operable service disconnecting means, installed as part
of the listed equipment, shall not be considered a service disconnecting means

There was NO main breaker. The breakers on the top right have no main shutoff whatsoever. The double pole breakers on the top left apparently ARE the main shutoff for the middle and bottom sections.

You are right, <guessing from bad photo> there is NO MAIN BREAKER. There are however, several main breakerS. It is a split bus. Do a search for it, and you will find much information already posted about it.


It appears to be a perfectly legal, factory built split buss panel with 5 disconnects. From that standpoint I see nothing wrong.

I agree with the previous posts - 6 or less throw is OK.

I would suggest an ‘upgrade’ to provide a shut-off at the exterior to provide emergency shut - off capability in case of an emergency.

That’s a Cutler Hammer CH series split bus panel. It’s got copper busses too, and looks to be in good shape. It is a high quality panel. Like the others have said, the entire house can be shut down by killing the 5 breakers in the top section. The upper bus can be de energized by pulling the meter.

I personally would not condemn that panel.

If it were mine I would keep it.

This makes allot of sense, and ty for your help.

Ya got one of very rare 200 amp double splitbuss box that something I don’t useally see that often maybe once or twice bleu moon time.

You can see one set below one group of breakers and the other one much lower you can able see it so each part is subdivisoned into two section of split buss.

so the two duex[two]pole breakers on the left side one for mid section and other one for lower section of splitbuss set up.