Anybody everseen this?

I inspected this breaker box and found this wire just cut off and sitting there? Any Ideas on how to report this. Thanks in advance.

Look for another cable with the same condition entering into a knockout through a connector, and if it is not there, make it known that:

“There is an unnecessary grounded white conductor (neutral) connected to the grounded (neutral) terminal bar that should be removed.”

Please post larger images if possible of the panel interior.

First post, first inspection? :cool:

Thanks Joe,

That is how I reported it I didnt see and other cables with the same condition. This was a new box in a new condo conversion. Looks like someone made a mistake and just left it as is. I will post larger images next time I had a hard time getting the message board to accecpt my pic. This was only my third inspection pretty new to the buisness. Thank you so much for your help here.

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Mark Peterson

Might be an abandoned circuit, or perhaps a 3W+G circuit that no longer has 120V with the neutral wire disconnected (e.g. an electric stove with a 120V clock, or a 240V AC air handler that no longer has a 120V service receptacle). Could also be for a 120V individual or multi-wire circuit that no longer works.

I will give a whirl …