Found issues in our panel

Are these multi colored wires supposed to go into the same breaker? what about these frayed wires?

We had a breaker trip and went to investigate and found what our friend thinks are wiring issues. Our inspector made no mention of any of it.



Those multicolored wires terminate at breakers that are each 2 circuits.

I am not seeing frayed wires but rather the paper filler that is part of the multi-wire cables.

As to your breaker being tripped it would be important to identify what stopped working as a result of the trip.

The tripped breaker may indicate that it is doing its job by opening an overloaded circuit.

Try to determine what was operating at the time of the trip.

If you are concerned then I would get an electrician to check the system and explain what they see .

You are allegedly a 40+ year Master Electrician (at least you keep bragging you are). Why don’t you tell us what *you *see?

Looks ok to me.

I see home inspectors giving advice to a couple whom have no idea on electrical .
If they do something wrong No way would I like to see our industry be held responsible .
I think what I said is the proper answer .
(" If you are concerned then I would get an electrician to check the system and explain what they see . ")
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("You are allegedly a 40+ year Master Electrician ")

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Well this went down hill fast . I do see one wire that looks like it has been over heated on the left side top . I agree with Roy Unless they know what tripped the breaker it may be in their best interest to call a electrician to do a amp test .

We worked that out a long time ago.

I recommend that you call a Qualified electrical contractor to troubleshoot and determine what is causing the breakers to trip.

There is nothing visible on your photos to suggest wiring issues inside the panel are causing the breakers to trip, except maybe a loose wire at the very top breaker. The only thing I see that the inspector may not have reported is missing handle ties at the multi-wire circuits that require common trip circuit breakers. BUT, the handle-tie requirement may not have been in force at time panel, or breakers, were installed.

It looks like you have a mix of older and newer wiring, so the issue could be anywhere.

So, an alleged 40+ year Master Electrician would have seen this and been competent enough to have stated what you just did?

No need to answer that.


What’s good for the goose, is good for the gander, dumbass!

As Chris stated no determination can be made from the photo’s that you’ve posted. What are the wiring issues that you’ve mentioned? To echo what others have said you should hire a licensed electrician to investigate any potential problems.

I see paper filler, but no frayed wiring.

Too hard to tell if the black and red are in the same cable and wired properly.