Anybody seen these yet?

Anybody have info on the performance in Schools yet?

Big *** Fans White Paper

Large, Low Velocity Fans: Making Energy Efficiency a Breeze

With rising energy costs and the increased accountability to operate efficiently, business owners, facility managers, home owners and architects are all looking for innovative ways to cut energy costs without cutting corners. And let’s face it: not everyone can afford air conditioning or tolerates its negative environmental impact. One energy conscious cooling alternative harkens back to the pre-air conditioning days — the ceiling fan. But this is not your grandmother’s version; the traditional ceiling fan has been reinvented for large industrial, commercial, and residential spaces.

Freakin awesome.
Around $3k installed is what I read online.
Specs on the website.

McMaster Carr has them installed in their facility in SoCal they work great

Big A S S band-aid to overcome doing it right in the first damn place…

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That space in the pic would bake around here in the summer … :shock:

Look at the picture a little closer Robert. It is a briliant design and would not be hot in there. :smiley:

Do you have any idea what the calculated heat load for that space would be with the high ceilings, large glazing areas, and no ceiling insulation with summer design parameters for my area around 95°F DB and 70% RH?

It might help in more moderate climate areas, but not around my neck of the woods with the high summer heat loads … YOU WOULD BAKE

Dont believe everything you read on the internet from manufacturer’s … and don’t assume what might apply in one area would apply in any area … :wink:

Look at the south facing window wash and the open space in the mezzanine to collect warm air. The sealing is curved to prevent direct heat on the surface of the roof and probably has insulation along with white roof made by COOL ROOF.
The wash of air along with the big *** fan makes this perfect.:smiley: