Anybody want to have fun with these HVAC units in a fourplex?

I just stopped at “these are not professionally installed and have numerous safety concerns including possible improper venting” and should be further evaluated by a licensed HVAC professional.





I wonder if they had a plan or just kinda made it up as they went along?

Had to be planned could not make such a mess by accident;)

Whats to evaluate. You already know they need to be repaired. Call it as such.

isn’t that the robot from that old lost in space show from about 25 years or so ago ???

I’ve seen that unit before, on TV:

We got some of this here shiny professional type foil tape no one will notice the other stuff :wink:

Sorry, what I meant was qualiifed hvac contractor should evaluate and repair as necessary. This was more of a consult, nothing in writing. Just though I would share some work from my favorite group here in Columbus, rehabbers. By the way, I hope you mean that I should call it out to be repaired and not what is to be repaired. That is why I word it as above in a written report. Because if I call out one thing to be fixed and that doesn’ take care of the problem, guess what the seller is only going to have fixed? You’re right, that one item. And then who is on the hook for not calling everything out. That is why I defer to an HVAC tech and let them tell them eveything that they find wrong with the system, then they can repair as necessary. It takes me out of the equation.

I believe you should say Replace not Repair.

Must have been a sale on T sections at Menards.

WHAT? Electricity coming out of Robot’s claws and you don’t help us with the appropiate code?

You as definetly slipping Marc. :wink:

Just busting your chops.

Imagine a Chicago, Union, code inspector comments.

Da frikkin’ robot was generating excessive current from his non-rated what the heck ever you call dem, thingys on the end of what looked like dat der flexible drain tile stuff. Looked like the cops tazering those long haired hippies back in 68, but they didn’t have tazers back then so I have no frikin’ idea what is happening here, my friend. I gotta call my precinct captain on this one and see how da mayor wants it handled. Ya never know, it might be an alderman’s kid who has some sort of government contract.

Besides, he looks scarier than Jesse Jackson’s wife after the “love kid” was reported about in the Sun-Times. Boy, I wish I could get a good beer distributorship like he did for his dumb kid. That’s the life. Shake down taverns in Cicero by day and drink your own stock all night.

Speaking of beer, let’s go get a beer or 10 and call it a day. I got a buddy who will clock us out.

I’d give him an A for trying. But do it quick he may wake up dead soon. :shock: