Just when you think you've seen it all

Realtors idea of making the bathroom “Cute”…:smiley:

This was in a house converted to a Commercial building but the client wanted to know if the tub worked.

I told her to try it and find out, I’ll be at my office doing the report…:smiley:



**I can see the picture Mark, you can’t?..I don’t have time to jack around shrinking a normal 600x800 to meet the message board requirements…:smiley: ****

I can see the picture OK, nice photo…


I was just outside watering my plants, and thought that something like that would save me some time, so I showed my wife, but she did not buy the idea.

Marcel :slight_smile: :mrgreen: :wink:

They could have done the same thing but left the plants in the pots and saved themselves a lot of cleaning up later.

I would be concerned about dirt build up in the drain lines. They probably stuffed a rag or mething tn the dran but who knows how much it is degrated.

Those aren’t the kinds of plants you usually see in grow homes.

I can’t see no pictcher…I probably could, though, if you’d get that damn tree outta the way!!!

That is exactly what my parents would do with the house plants before we wnet off on a 2 week vacation many years ago. Fill the tub with peat moss, set in the pots, wet it all down and you’re good to go!!!

I’ve run across ‘garden apartments’ in buildings were it was evident that they were using the tub for growing a certain type of plant. Leafs on the floor under the tub. Collected them, to clean up, you know :mrgreen:

Tubs make great planters.

Many people use them for other, outdoor purposes, if you have ever seen any Cialis commercials :wink:

Maybe a water fall would work better next time?

Was it by the leaking windows you posted last week?

Back in the day when I was in the Air Force, the women’s barracks was actually an un-converted mens barracks, so it had urinals in the bathrooms. The women decided that since they didn’t need the urinals, they would make planters out of them.

I never did hear if it passed inspection or not, but they did have little numbers written on the top of the urinals, the number of flushes it took to water the particular plant…

Former neighbors of mine did something similar, only she started to fill the tub just before leaving, and you guess it, she forgot to turn the water OFF, they left and came back two weeks later to fined the finished flooded basement . . . and the rest of the story, they were trying to sell the house (this happened about 20 years ago) . . . believe it or not, the home sold two days after they got home . . . the new buyers said, we will buy on the condition we can pick the new colors, etc.