Anyone going to the upcoming Vegas Convention?

I’m looking forward to meeting InterNACHI members.

I think Troy wants to go to that Italian place Sunday night and John with his wife want to meet at a place in the old section.
We need to get an agreement or consensus.

Pretty open here myself as long as the food is good.

I haven’t booked a room yet as it depends on how my wife’s surgery fares. This may be the first one in 12 years that I’ll have to miss.

I hope the surgery goes well there will be another convention next year.

My wife has had about 7 surgery’s this last year fighting the big C we beleive it has been whipped again:cool::smiley:

I thank Carl Brown He has sent a e-mail prayer every day for the last year I know it has helped:D

Sorry to hear about that.
Hope It is nothing to serious and first I heard.

Sorry to hear that, from both of you.

I am up to meet at any place. I think we decided Sunday Night. The place I had in mind is a bit pricey. The other place with the meatloaf stuffed raviolis sounds great also!

Well going stag so not needing to impress a date.
Hows going to the fellow members place sound John ?

Seems to be getting talked about since Nick brought the place up .

Never met anyone that did not like Italian.

I’m sorry to hear that Charlie.

My wife’s is not that serious. She’s having foot surgery so she won’t be able to walk for a few weeks.

In any event, as you said, there’ll be another one next year, but I’m still looking to try and make it this year.

I will be there and am interested in meeting for Dinner Sunday also.

Yes I hope you are able to make it they are fun to meet other members and also learn a little. I am going south that week end

I’m going… Sunday only.

Sorry to hear that Charley. I lost my mother earlier this year after her second long battle with cancer. I will keep your wife in my prayers as well.

I hope Dana’s foot heals Jeff, it would be great to see you.

Sunday night at Montesano sounds good to me.

Same here Charley.
Someone pick a good time.
6,7,8 ?

8 or 9 would probably be best. I think something conference related is happening at 6.

Let’s check first.
9 is a little late for dinner.

Not in Vegas :slight_smile:

Classes in the morning buddy.
Always in bed by 10…OK I lied.:slight_smile:
Still many of the guys are morning people so a more traditional time would be appropriate for all.

Am a growing boy and would be starving by then.

Lets shoot for 7-8 if no big functions.
Let all chime in however.

Just name time and place… I should be able to haul a few Nachi members to destination, I should be driving.


Bob is not in bed by 10.

Not going to make Vegas, but I did just book New Orleans:D

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I am looking forward to the conference, and to meeting you all.