PICs of InterNACHI staffers at Vegas convention.

We drove a full cargo van full of products and literature to the Vegas Convention… it was all gone by the second afternoon.

Lisa, Paige, Dayna:









Ben’s EPA-approved lead course:


Nick and Dayna:



Missed this event, come to InterNACHI’s Inspection Convention in Florida at the end of this month:

It was great to see you and the InterNACHI team in Vegas this week.
We are excited about the promotion we talked about doing with all the InterNACHI memebers and Inspection Support Network

She’s AWAKE!. What a difference a year makes… :mrgreen:

Can anyone see the defect in pic #6?

Dan, if you worked out something for NACHI members to use at a lower price you’re already offering the software with everything known to the inspection world, it really seems impossible, besides giving it away.

I strongly endorse the Inspection Support Network, it cuts your operating costs-bookkeeping lower than one could possibly imagine.

I just starting using the software a couple weeks ago and have it down pat already.

Nice meeting Dan and Chris at the convention in Vegas, some certainly nice polite folks at the event.

I will add pics when I return as I am getting ready to board my fight after being stuck at the airport all day.
Very good to meet everyone if only briefly.


Thank You Dale. Glad you are enjoying the ISN system. If you need anything at all including a personal webinar to discuss any features let us know.

Bob, I was hoping to meet you in person in Vegas. Sorry to hear you got stuck at the airport. I hope the conference was worth the trip for you!

I don’t think Bob minded getting stuck at the airport :mrgreen:

Dan, it was great seeing you and Chris again! I encourage everyone to try your system out, it rocks!


Nice to meet several of you, sorry could not meet everyone :frowning:

Found out there was a fellow Michigander working at iNACHI, nice meeting you Paige! Same to you George!

We’ll get together and play some yuker some time!

You guys are too shy,silent ,etc.
I was all over the place and hardly knew there were any NACHI guys there.
Tim Spargo shows up one night and never seen again or returned my texts.
Dale shows up the next night for 20 minutes and heads back unexpected by me to Ariz.

Never had a chance to talk with many guys from here so surprised they were even there.
I will post a new thread this weekend on Vegas as I am back working already like every time I go somewhere.
No complaints though.

Hi Dan
I had a great time
Did not always sit through the whole meetings as I am not the kind of guy who is good at being still an silent.
I was the guy with the big smile and a camera all over the place.
Sat up front at Doms talk and at back for Nicks taking phone calls and texting to clients while getting more inspections was discussed.:slight_smile:
I will have more on that and Nick later in the next few days along with lots of hot pics.