Nick - Convention?


In the members-only area, someone posted the following:**
I have heard there is going to be a nachi convention in vegas this year. If so does nick have dates scheduled yet Id like to go but if I dont have a month or 2 notice in advance it is real hard to go. anybody now when?
My question would be, is Vegas Booked? . . . Do we need to vote on another location? . . . or, how we doing on the convention this year? . . . If Vegas is booked, try Vegas next year?

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Not likely to be a Convention this Year or Next.



eye NACHI is the largest most profitable and bestest home inspector ***. in the universe!

But we cant afford a convention?


Where do you think all of the money goes?

Interesting… as iNachi is a non-profit org.:stuck_out_tongue:


You make me laugh.

Much misinformation here.

The question as to InterNACHI being able to afford or not being able to afford a convention is goofy. InterNACHI doesn’t pay for conventions… attendees and vendors do. Mostly vendors. It is they who have to be able to afford them.

Jump to my convention update thread

Thanks Nick for the update . . . look forward to additional updates.