Anyone have a great recipe for cooking fish?

Do you have a great recipe for cooking up fish, like salmon or Mahi Mahi?

How about a good spice profile for fish?

Old bay!

Maple syrup poached in tin foil!

Lemon.Pepper.Butter.Wrap in foil.BBQ.

I love Old Bay, use it on everything, from fish to chicken, and pizza to popcorn:D

Everything but beef… Doesn’t do beef

Haven’t done it on beef, and wouldn’t try it. Now you could mix it with different seasonings to create a nice rub.

Ruined a good steak once, I still ate it, but never again.

O’l Bay!

Anybody ever tried the Old Bay chips from Herr’s, Really good.

Old bay then put it on the grill at about 300 degrees f, glaze it with a blend of 2/3 maple syrup and 1/3 butter all melted together in a pan. Cook it on top of a water soaked cedar plank if you got one. (Or any grilling plank). Spritz with a squeeze of lemon just before pulling off the grill. That’s how I like salmon

Yep right you are!

For one thing the 2 are completely different fish tastes. I would Suggest DIFFERENT recipes for each type.

Tell me what you are going to have FRESH and i’ll tell ya how to do it right :slight_smile:

This is a really good “blackened” spice profile (see attachment). Personally I like it better than old bay. I go heavy on the Cheyenne pepper and add some chili powder to it for extra spice.

Nice gonna try that!

Sounds good:D

That’s the link where I got that recipe.

Spanish mackerel are great gutted, rinsed, stuff with two pats of butter, add a couple slices of lemon, olive oil the foil, wrap in foil cook on hot grill for 5 min, flip cook 5 more min…mmmmmmm

Ok Meeker, salmon.
Whatcha got?

The last time I cooked up some salmon, I dry brined it for 24 hours with sea salt, then I tossed it in the smoker @ 110F for about 4-5 hours, with applewood chunks slowly smoldering in the side pot.

It was the best damn salmon I ever ate. But cash is tight right now and smoking fish gets really pricy really fast. So I’m looking for alternatives.

This is great on broiled or grilled salmon.

1/2 cup each; soy sauce, rice wine vinegar, brown sugar
1 teaspoon each; chili garlic paste, sesame oil, spicy mustard