Anyone have a similar photo?

I know this is a long shot, but we were contacted by a book author whose upcoming book, called “Concrete Planet,” discusses rebar corrosion in concrete structures.

We did an article not long ago titled “Inspecting Visible Masonry” and found the attached photo on the Internet to use with the article. Although the author would like to use it, unfortunately, we don’t have a source for it. (He must secure permission and attribute its source, unlike the copyright requirements that govern our free, educational articles.)

Does anyone out there have a similar photo (in hi-res) that depicts similar damage and corrosion of rebar within a concrete structure, and would like his/her pic in his book with credit?

If you do, please contact me directly. Thanks!



That picture is taken at the underside of a concrete pier on a highway bridge. I am not sure where your located but just about any bridge in the US over 50 years old has exposed rebar like that. It shouldn’t be hard to retake one like that. Most of those types of bridges are now located on local or county roads some built as far back as the 1930’s.

I can take some good ones tomorrow, if I don’t forget, on an overpass on my way to work. :slight_smile: They are all over the place.

I have some great photos of exposed and rusted (as well as expanding) rebar from some beach homes on piers I have inspected. Unfortunately these are NOT in High Resolution, takes too long to send when I email the albums along with the reports…

I just sent you this photo via Email depicting cellar side of front concrete porch with exact conditions…


Thanks for the responses, guys. And thank you, Bill, whom I’ve just put in touch with the book’s author. Marcel, I will send your email address to Robert Courland so that he can contact you directly in case he wants to take you up on your offer.

Thanks again, everyone!

Hi again, Folks –

I wanted to let you know that the author, Robert Courland, has submitted his manuscript (“Concrete Planet”) to his publisher, and he wanted to me thank everyone who’s been in touch and submitted photos for consideration to be included in his publication.

He will indeed be using at least one photo (that I know of) by Bill Smith, who will be credited, and he’ll also be giving InterNACHI a shout-out in the acknowledgments. (I have forwarded all photos I’ve received to him in case he writes a sequel!)

Thank you all so much for your response – he was very impressed with the immediate and generous feedback he received. And I’m always impressed! :wink:

When do you need the photos by.
I also live in Montreal Quebec.
I can get you 1000 photos like that in 3 hours.:slight_smile:
I live in the city that went and built with cement.
The Big O or our over spans ( highway over passes )are all coming down over the next 5 years.
The bridge systems are and have fallen down.
Give me a shout. I will get you thousands of HD photos if you want.

Gosh every bridge in Chicago is like that.

That’s post and bean uncased in cement.
We use bar. Most the bridges and overpass spans where mismanaged with gaff by the largest cement contracting company in Quebec. Beaver.
Even when they were being investigated for the 30 years of their many inadequacy’s they changed there name and where building in Quebec again.
I would estimate 30 percent of there bridge spans are coming down because of gaff corruption, manipulation, union monopole, and the works do not give a dam in Quebec.
It has to be one of the worst examples of building corruption in Canada.
Our premier will not call an investigation into the on going 40 year run by the mob industry.

And not much better up here Bob. :slight_smile:

Marcel those are almost new in Quebec.:mrgreen: