Wow how about this mit

I did not believe the client from the first phone call but she sure seems to have a cement as she says roof. House had cement fascia and attic access and until I went up there I did not think I would find what I found. I wish my roof was built like it. It looks like it was poured in place and had metal in it according to the mighty MT 6 so I called it reinforced. Have any of youu come across anything that looks like this. Heck I wish I could have my roof done like it if it is reinforces as it seems. The thing that sucks is that she will not get roof covering discount unless she can prove it passed an inspection and she has no idea and thinks it is original. I doubt it. Roll membrane on top of concrete from what I can tell. I think it will last forever. Let me know if you have seen similar just so I can learn. This is one for the next course. al l photos are the property of me and not to be used without my written consent. Pretty cool huh :slight_smile:








No doubt, that is a reinforced concrete deck…at a slope no less, and concrete truss supports. Not quite sure why you would pull out a MT6 for it though. Did you get the correct “nail spacing”…lol.

To prove reinforced :slight_smile:

Like You used to have to do on the walls

Covering all bases. I know whatever idiot at the insurance company has likely not ever seen this if I have not :slight_smile:

I see your point…the auditors do seem to be on the uneducated side of the equation, but most do realize that there is no such thing as unreinforced poured concrete structure, unless it is a sidewalk or something non-structural.

Was this really a house? The owner must have experienced a tornado in the past and decided to overkill the situation. I’ve never seen that before either, on a house anyway.

Nope it was in the Ghetto. I could not believe it. Said a Pastor owned the house before her.

It looked like the others around were the same.

Roll cap membrane on top. To bad she did not have permit info.

I told her how to check or offered to look for a fee.

It looked like it was framed with plywood and poured in place. I did not tink they did it in 1969 but apparently they did.

I wish my 60’s roof was like it :slight_smile:

Not true, older homes were unreinforced all the time.

Was that in Margate? There are several homes like that there.

There are also some all metal construction homes in Deerfield.

Just about every house in Ecuador which isn’t a dilapidated turn of the century shaq is built with poured concrete, even interior walls. I was stunned looking at them. They didn’t have termite problems either.

Must be a fairly old home then (19th century). We are talking reinforced concrete here, not reinforced “masonry”. Completely different animal.

I saw the same in Bermuda. Hardly a board to be found, even the door frames were cemented in!

2300 block of N.W. 37th Avenue Lauderdale lake.

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Fyi…. If entire roof is indeed reinforced concrete with structural connection into walls, there is no credit provided for roof covering in the OIR credit tables.

Thanks for sharing:) I only mark what I observe what gets discounts is not my concern.

Also, many in P.R. There was a builder that was building his spec residences like this in the Ocala area during the boom of '06!