Anyone have experience with air purifiers

My wife wants to buy an air purifier. I have looked at many reviews and would definitely prefer a USA made unit. Figured I’d ask people I could trust rather than a bunch of conflicting anonymous reviews. What works? What doesn’t?

Bob, we purchased a Coway Airmega 200 about a month ago and really like it so far. I can’t compare to others because this is the first one we’ve had, but I can say for a fact that the remarks or reviews about eliminating or reducing dust is very true. Noticed that after the first day of running it.

I can’t help you with a recommendation, but a question or two to assist those than can help…

Are you looking for a ‘room’ or ‘whole home’ unit?
What type of filtration are you searching for?
Do you/wife have medical conditions requiring the need for ‘purification’?

These are some of the types of questions I ask clients when they ask for recommendations before I refer them to specialists.

Good luck.

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My wife was interested because of her “allergies.” I put that in quotes because that’s her reasoning not a medical evaluation. My major concern is dust. Forced air is just a dust distributor, I am a boiler type of guy (don’t need AC). So her original idea was just for the bedroom. Anything short of a HEPA filter is a waste to my mind. Not interested in ionization or electrostatics.

Agreed, but sorry, I don’t have any experience with this.

My older sister has allergies to soy products (and other stuff), which are in damned near everything nowadays. I called her to ask what she uses, and she replied a Holmes brand with Hepa filters on her bedroom dresser next to her bed so she is able to sleep without incident. She didn’t know the model number off hand, but did note the filters were pricey and needed to be changed often.

Hope that helps some.