Leenox Furnace with HEPA

I’m installing a Lennox unit with a HEPA filtering system built in to the return air. This is not an ordinary HEPA filter, but a a major mechanical addition to the furnace system. Anybody have one in their home?

No but I see a lot of them, some of the houses that are not kept clean get dirt buildup inside the return duct since the hepa box is at the coil.

I always wondered if you could put a regular pleated filter in the return grille also but assume it might cause too much restriction to do that.

We may be broke soon, but we will have clean air in our home. :shock:

>> http://www.lennox.com/products/overview.asp?model=HEPA

I have not seen that one, whats up with the small duct connections?

I thought they had full flow across a 16+" x 20+" filter about 5 inches thick.


Why such a drastic upgrade with the filtering side of the HVAC?

Do you or your loved ones have allergies?

My furnace blower motor went out last night. Had a electrostatic air cleaner that was 12 years old and doesn’t work anymore either. Gonna replace the unit with a cartridge filter set up. I have an Johnson Air Ease and the blower went out after 10 years. Found the heat exchanger going out too.