Anyone heard of these guys?

Always Leary about fraud these days. Anyone heard of EnviroDetics (EDI)? Just emailed me about doing a ESA Phase 1 property survey…

Nope, can’t say I have Peter.

What’s exactly is involved with a phase 1 environmental property survey?

Looking for contaminated properties. Usually commercial, industrial, institutional. Mostly investigative work looking into the history (Past owners and uses, Business licenses issued, interview neighbours & others) of a property. May include a bit of surface soil sampling. This is to determine if the history warrants a phase 2 with soil sampling drill rigs, back hoes to get more indepth info and samples. The phase 2 will determine if major soil removal and site decontamination is necessary.

Thank you.

Sounds involved.
Whats the rate.
I took some pics for a WV based environmental co and got $250

Not involved that much,… take interior and exterior elevation pictures, interview the owner with a short questionnaire they sent me and I’m done. I’ve always turned down the “draw” inspection calls/ jobs because of the cheap fees,… this is the first Co. to agree to a reasonable “professional” fee for my service. I figured if I’m going to block out time I would normally have to do a home inspection I should be compensated respectfully,… I asked for my normal inspection fee of $400.00 and they agreed. Motto: Ask and you shall receive… Maybe a sign of happier days for those who do “draw” inspections on a regular basis… ASK for what your worth.

Check it out here

I’ve done many jobs for this company. You take several pictures of the property inside and out. You have the owner fill out a survey.
Pays average $250.00 but some as high as $500.00 .
They pay a little late but usally within 45 days.


Looks like I was cheap.
Still beats a typical draw inspection though.

Do they have a link to sign up?

Gary, here is the lady who contacted me,… seems they use “find an inspector” for areas they have a job in. This is my first experience with them but they may have a list of inspectors they like to use. Cathy can probably steer you in the right direction. Good luck.

[FONT=‘Arial Narrow’]Cathy Ramos-Marquez, J.D.[/FONT]
[FONT=‘Arial Narrow’]Managing Consultant[/FONT]
[FONT=‘Arial Narrow’]EnviroDetics, Inc. (EDI)[/FONT]
FONT=‘Arial Narrow’ 832-2300 (tel)[/FONT]
FONT=‘Arial Narrow’ 362-8843 (fax)[/FONT]
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