EPA Testing for a Commercial property

Have a customer purchasing a small commercial property in Clearwater, previously owned by a pool company. They are concerned about soil contamination. Anybody out there have any experience with this? Any help is appreciated.

Larger commercial properties, or properties with specific concerns, often hire an environmental specialist to do a Phase I Environmental Site Assessment: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phase_I_environmental_site_assessment

Smaller property buyers might be satisfied with a simpler item called a Transaction Screen: https://www.escreenlogic.com/services/environmental-transaction-screen/

In either case you would contact a local environmental services/testing company. The first question will be "Why are they concerned about soil contamination?

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Point them towards a Phase 1.

Yes a Phase 1 environmental inspection. :smile:

Is this something that is required for all commercial properties or only when a client asks? Is this a service that us inspectors should mention for every Com inspection?

They are usually only required when the companies providing the loan, if there is one, requires that one be performed. The buyer(s) can request one if they wish.

I have had less than a handful of clients inquire about having one done and none of them going through with it after getting my fee ($2750). Others have hired their own Phase I companies to do them.

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Dave is right, it’s usually the loan company that requires a Phase I ESA. They can be expensive (and extensive) and they are often not needed. The idea is that if you have a current Phase I (within 6 months) then the property owner has protection against certain types of lawsuits and EPA actions. It’s a bit like insurance for the property owner. Sometimes it makes sense to do the Transaction Screen to help decide whether a full-blown Phase I is needed.