Anyone help with a little info?

Just started the courses on here and had a couple questions.
I live in the high desert area. Do you have to be certified to be an inspector out here? Once i am certified do i need to give copies to any state government or something like that before i can start my business and legally do inspections?

Hope its not a dumb question haha , you might get a few from me till i start picking up on things.

No, high desert inspectors are exempt from state certification requirements.

What about other areas like San bernardino? I don’t live to far from there and would travel for the work/


Check with your state . each one is different .

I don’t know if I’d want to work in San Bernardino.
Isn’t that place swarming with radical muslim terrorists?

Check with your state Andrew People are jerking your chain .

The home inspection profession is mostly unregulated in California. Put a magnetic sign on your car and get to work.

Andrew there is no license or certification requirements here in California (that includes the high and low deserts). You could be flipping burgers one day and inspecting homes the next.

No government requirements at this time.

Become familiar with the State’s business and professions code

There are other aspects as you probably know that you may wish to consider, such as insurance etc

No license is required, but you do have to follow the laws Tim posted the link too.

And then you’ll want to have your business side set up, such as LLC, tax id, insurance, etc.

Thanks for the info guys. Its much appreciated.

You cheap home inspector video is awesome by the way. HAHA.

Thank you. :slight_smile: