Looking to tag along with established inspector

Hello, I am in the San Diego area and am looking to see if there is an inspector that wouldn’t mind me shadowing them on an inspection or two. I’m willing to pay if needed. I won’t get in the way, I can hold questions until we’re done and out of view of the customer. I’m starting a home inspection business. I studied Home Inspection through PCDI years ago before getting a job doing WDO inspections including escrow inspections. From there I worked in the alarm industry installing security and fire alarm panels/wiring and attached devices including new home residential pre-wiring. I’m currently studying from "A Better School of Building Inspection. I also plan to get ICC certified. For the past 8 years I have worked as a facility maintenance technician maintaining gas stations. I maintained the underground storage tanks, submersible turbine controllers, building electrical and point of sale wiring as well as general maintenance. I’ve been told that even if I max out as a senior technician, I’ll never be able to afford a home in San Diego. This has motivated me to expand my horizon of possibilities to create my future as an entrepreneur and Home Inspector. I am enthusiastic at the possibility of applying my skills and willingness to learn to ensuring homeowner safety through home inspection. I see myself as wanting to provide the best service while being a member of the community, as opposed to an outsider who’s just looking for a quick check. I am willing to travel for a ride along as I realize there may not be anyone in San Diego that would want potential competition to shadow them. Thank you in advance for any and all considerations. If you would like compensation, we can discuss that as well. Thank you.

I can take you around to a few. I am the chapter President in the inland Empire. We cover from Temecula to the High Desert and to LA. Give me a call tonight after 6 PM and we can set some up.

Sorry, I just saw your response this morning. I will give you a call this evening. Thank you.

Keith, would you consider working for a great inspection company? Please check out our employment page.

Philippe, to be honest I hadn’t really considered that as an option. I just assumed there wouldn’t be many places to get a job just starting out in this type of industry and I have plunged in head first with starting up a business. I will keep you and your firm in mind. I’m always glad to know and talk with other inspectors. Thank you for the information, I wish you all the best!