Anyone hiring Inspectors SWFL

I’m in Arcadia, Desoto County.

Contemplating starting my own biz, but looking at other options.

From my current location I think I could travel to the following counties.

Desoto, Hardee, Charlotte, Lee, Highlands, Glades, Sarasota and Manatee.

I currently only have 6 paid inspections under my belt, I would be willing to work in a multi-inspector firm for the experience and most likely to stay on as an employee.

Any offers or advice (Who’s hiring?) greatly appreciated!


I respect your honesty.
I hope someone gives you a shot.
Good Luck. You can likely find a job with one of the scumbag companies doing re-inspections for insurance if you really need it.

Thanks, Michael.

I’d rather work hard and respectably than be a scumbag :slight_smile:

I’ll add that I’ve never called in sick or missed a day of work in over 20 years.

I may be kind of old at 52, but I’m a dependable worker and looking for a chance to enter a new field of opportunity.


I believe there are a few multi inspector firms out that way. Do a google search as well as post here . I also wish you much luck and success Carl.



Thanks, Bert.

I’ll also add I am 5’8", 160 pounds and spry, I can fit almost anywhere without falling through something! :slight_smile:


I am always looking for a good person…and most of our work is in Collier county, but the shop is in Lee county, Alico Road.

Maybe we should meet up and talk…

Carl I believe you just got an invite to talk from the best in SW Florida. Good luck

Carl, we’re in the same market and I’m looking to add an inspector. Don’t discount Russell’s offer, though.
I’m swamped for the next couple of days, but give me a call and we’ll try to put together a win-win.

Is the number on your linked page the best number to call?


Call the number from your web page?

I’m busy myself the next few days, Next week is open though.


You can use the number in my signature.

When would be a good time to call, Reece?



Google is telling me you are at 13650 Fiddlesticks Blvd, not Alico.

When’s a good time to call?


Anytime after 7 and call 239-225-8525. That address is my UPS box not my physical address.

Talk with Reece I think he offers sun contractor work and I am a team approach guy where multiple people working one house

I just finished a 3 year gig in Ft Myers. Was just trying to figure out the travel time (I worked in the CenturyLink Building on Lee Street in Ft Myers, 45 miles from home)

I assume everyone leaves from the shop on Alico? I’ll give you a call tonight.


We all start at the shop and end at the shop.

Reece is a great guy and listen to him and then take into account your travel time and needs and wants. Hell, I would work for Reece if the situation was different.

I do hourly, time and 1/2, workmans comp, vacation, that kinda thing, but we do the team aspect, where we separate and do our own areas of expertise.

I think…and say THINK, Reece will subcontract you and you do the whole thing yourself and you get a piece of the pie.

Like I said, if you don’t work for me, you can’t go wrong working for Reece…

Hi Russel, my name is Dave Fetty, I have decades of experience in the construction industry and recently obtained my interNachi certification and state licensure. I live in south Naples.

Thanks for letting me ride along with the crew today, Russell. It was a very good experience and I actually did learn a few things. I think I sweat too much small stuff instead of looking at the bigger picture. I need to work on that! :slight_smile:

I appreciate the time you and your crew took with me. I did not get to thank them before I left, but let Matt, Rachael and Chris know I enjoyed hanging out and observing them today when you get the chance.

Thanks again,

No problem it was a pleasure having you ride along…if you need anything let me know. Talk to Reece he is a great guy…Keep in touch

Carl, I’m sorry that I haven’t returned your call. I suck:( I’ll give you a call in the morning.
Thanks for the props Russell.