Looking for a Mentor

[FONT=Arial]I live in Putnam County Florida and I would like to find a mentor. I would like to spend a couple of days (at least and not necessarily in a row) and go on inspections with an experienced inspector to get some experience. I am looking for someone preferably in one of the following counties Clay, Duval, Flagler, Lake, Putnam, St. Johns, Volusia. [/FONT]

I do not intend to do inspections or work in Flagler, Lake or Volusia County. Therefore, inspectors in these counties would not be training their competition, if this is an issue.

Still Looking.

If it helps I already have General Liability Ins. And you do not have to talk to me during your inspection, if you prefer. We can talk about it later if that is your preferred method.

[FONT=Arial]If you would be interested in helping a newby please contact me at:[/FONT]

You might have better luck going to counties that are not your base of operation. A lot of inspectors don’t want to train their direct competition. JMHO. Yes it is an inconvenience for you, but you might get more opportunities.

Can someone take Randall out on an inspection please?

Randall, You are welcome to come with us, we are in Brevard County

I would take that invite Randall.

You’re right about that. If I even lived nearby I’d just ride along for a month just to learn from John and his operation. In fact I’d be willing to bet if Randall just sat in their office and shadowed Michelle for awhile he’d learn a thing or two. The lady is the backbone of that operation as far as I can tell!


Thank You I placed a call to your office today so we can schedule a time to get together. I greatly appreciate your help and Nick Gromicko’s. I look forward to working with you.

Anytime Randall

I need to come see you :cool:

I will be there next week. Let me know if any particular days are better. If at all possible I would like to see a Wind Mitigation Inspection too. Should I contact your office for a day and time to meet?

You will see wind mitigation and full home inspections. If my office does not contact you feel free to call them, they will help you pick a good day. Days that are really busy are not the best time to follow, but you still want to see as much as you can.

Bert, you figured it out.