Anyone know how to kill the 3 note chime this MacBook Pro keeps chiming?

It is driving me crazy. It is a 3 note chime on the pentatonic scale. It rings every couple minutes. I tried lowering the alert volume bar but it still rings. The only way I can shut it off is to mute the computer volume, but then I can’t hear NACHI.TV.

Any suggestions? I’m normally a PC user.

Yea…Stay with PC and toss that thing out to the freeway at 70mph. That will usually take care of the ringing noise.

I hear ya. These MACs are poorly designed.

And don’t even get me started with trying to squeeze a window from left to right. On a PC you just grab the left side of the window (anywhere) and drag it to the right. On a Mac you have to put your cursor on the bottom right-hand corner, resize the window to the left (only option) while estimating how big you want the window to be once in place, then put your cursor at the top of the window and move the whole window to the right where you want it, only to find out it could have been a bit bigger or it is still too big, so you have to put your cursor back down to resize it from right to left again (only option again), then move the window to the right again. Apple should steal a few engineers from Microsoft.

Nick, do you have any idea what program is making the noise? It’s not the mac. Do you have any chat programs open?

Yes. That was it Dominic. I muted the chat. Thanks!!!

I was just going to say… “check your emails more often”! LOL.

Glad to help :wink:

This might work!:wink:

it’s a mac… a 12 gauge or C4 might be more appropriate;-)