Anyone know what brand air conditioner this is?

I did an inspection today and the air conditioner did not have anything I could find that told me what brand it was. The model and serial numbers were FRHS04810. Ser # 990513315. I tried searching for the model number but could not find anything. Here are a couple of photos. Anyone recognize it?

Thanks in advance

Coleman maybe?

from the pdf
FRHS0481B 48 14.0 (11.5) 46.0 9.4 38 43 32 266

pretty close, sub B for 0


Thanks Carl, That looks like it. The label was very hard to read. Rarely see a Coleman unit here.

Thank for your help.

Happy to help!


From the first 4 digits of the serial # and from the appearance of the unit it looks like a old carrier to me MFG May of 1999