Anyone knows about Roof's Ridge Vent


I need the opinion of someone to confirm what I believe. I think this ridge vent is installed upside down. (See pictures) (no visible light or air flow felt) (felt should be under the vent, not on top) (You can see that the air conducts facing up) (Same as previous) (you can see the air ducts facing up, not down (Installers even left the packaging foam in this one)

Thank you for taking a look and giving me your feedback.

The felt of course should be visible in the attic and I don’t see how any air can transfer when the vent is flush with the ridge. Hard to tell but with the low profile it looks like a hip ridge vent.

From the photos it doesn’t look like any vent was installed. Has the roof recently been reshingled? Looks like a cap over an existing vent opening.
Are there other vents in the roof?

Thank you Vince and Jeff. The felt is defenetile not visible from the attic and what I touched is the plastic itself. The felt is actually right under the shingle. This is a newly re-shingled roof where there was no ridge vent. The way I look at this is like the following image but upside down.


It’s upside down.

Improper installation of ridge vent…

Won’t work that way. Guess they should have read the instructions.