roof vent question???

I understood that roof vents were installed 2ft down from ridge and only on one side of the roof because they would be fighting each other if they were on both sides of the roof, is that correct or does it not matter. I have tried to search for a definite answer and it seems as if I only come up with opinions. Can anyone help me out here, thanks

They are on one side of the roof for ease of installation and to be hidden for aesthetic reasons. It would actually be better to have them on both sides but “that’s the way we have always done it” attitude dies hard. If installed on opposite sides of the roof, they should not be directly across from each other but should be staggered. That way air won’t go in one roof vent and out the other side, thereby defeating the vents at the lower portion of the roof.

Ok that clears things up, I could not find any reasoning of installation but staggering them make sense

It’s called a short circuit. And I am answering the roof vent question. :wink:

If there is a consistent wind direction they should be placed on the leeward side.