New roof installation

anyone ever seen anything like this???

5004 SW 105 Ave Cooper City(Issac) 020.jpg

This is a most interesting picture William.

I am still looking at the picture and trying to decide if the roof shingles were installed upside down or the fan is. ha. ha.

Look at the picture and you get the illusion that the roof is pitched upwards and look at the fan, and the roof goes down.

Amazing what some do.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: :cool:

The roof slopes downward. I have never seen anyone use three inch screws to hold down a turnbine. They also used screws to hold down another roof vent. I am still trying to figure out how this could have passed an insepction.

Oh - did I mention that this is a contractors house.

William, don’t send him up here to do any of my work, please. ha. ha.

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink: :smiley:

Complete roofing services by ACME Hackem.

What a shame.

he must of had a bad experience with loose vents in a previous life :shock:

It does’t even matter about the vent being loose. Unless the underside of that higher side exposed flange is all gunked up with whatever, it would leak like a sieve.

The flashing is facing the water flowage going downhill. WTF!



Maybe I’m wrong, I thought the same thing, btw.
I think that’s an photo angle illusion note the ridge shingles at the top of the photo.
Still a poor install no matter how we slice it.

I don’t know if I am upside down or the photo is? LOL

Where’s the multi-purpose caulk???

not here…

The picture only has the illusion of being upside down. It only looks like this because I took the picuture up close. This is a 3/12 slope roof. The ridge is just above the turbine. The screws are on the downslope. Hope that clarifies it.

The installation is imporper. How it passed, I have no idea other than to think that no permits were pulled. Remember, this was a contractor owned home. he had all the insurance papers inside and the bid from the roofer, but no permits were with them.

Barry I didn’t know you were that flexible. ha. ha.

Can you get your hands in there too? Your bond to find something. :mrgreen:

Marcel :slight_smile: :wink:

As Barry has observed the top of the photo is the ridge. It’s not a pretty install but it won’t leak for a while.

I think better fasteners could have been use. May a washer type.
Whenver I see RTV being relied on for leak protection, I write it up as inspect periodically to assure contiued function.

This unit is installed per the mfgs. instruction. Maybe more fastenrs than needed. READ INSTRUCTIONS

How do they do that?

Where do you get these photos!!!

here and there off the net

a lot are sent in emails and i just save them for the right or wrong time :twisted:
i’m in CE and class has started
we’ll read later :shock:

Since some here are convinced this is a bad install, please be so kind as to elaborate.

Maybe I’m not seeing things clearly.:slight_smile:

Mike, I think it would look similar to this with the exception it is alluminum and not a pipe.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

May be a bit of an ugly install from up close but from the street/ground who can tell? The unit is securely installed. If it is well sealed with a quality longlife flexible caulking or similar according to the manufacturer’s rec’s, should be no problems.

Part of the illusion in this picture is the way the shingle edges do not show the black tar/felt exposure we’re used to seeing when looking up a slope. Must be the way the photo was taken or possibly the way the shingles are cut/stamped/pressed.

Then we all agree that it’s installed correctly though not pretty to look at up close.:wink: