Anyone looking for some high-end rods/reels

Tuna class, jigging gear, probably work equally well for some monster grouper too. Ready to fish. Follow the link for more photos and details.

Do they belong to you?

Oh Yes, but they’re looking for a new home.

If there was fish porn this would be it. LOL!

Chuck. I grew up on the Eastern Atlantic coast and nothing is more exciting than ocean fishing. Now I fish for bass and carp with a flyrod. Catch a 10lb carp on a fly rod with a barbless hook and if you bring it in you know your stuff.

Where out west?

I built three offshore rigs with Calstar Grafighter blanks, roller guides and 2-speed 30# class offshore reels as a set for each of my two boys and me. We caught a lot of fish on them. They will probably never be used again, except maybe to fly a kite, but the boys don’t want to part with them.

The blue rod listed here was an ambitious wrapping pattern, but I was happy with the way it turned out.

My future in saltwater fishing is probably going to be all fly-in charters, so I have no need to keep this stuff anymore. Going to sell my boat too, as hard as that is emotionally.

I’ve been working on honing my nymphing skills with a 3-weight fly rod. I have much learning to do. It’s crazy trying to fish in wintertime with a #22 fly. I don’t know how the fish even see them. I’m still much more at home tying a Bimini twist than a Davy knot.


What boat Chuck? And nice outfits

Grady 222 Fisherman center console. Had it since 2000, but haven’t used it in the last 7 years.

I’ll be fishing from my sailboat occasionally. I’m sure I’ll catch bass and panfish. Not the ideal situation but on light wind days it gives me a reason to get out on the lake.

The lake I’m on is 2500 acres and clear. There are Muskie available, I have never caught a Muskie but I have seen them stalking prey or sunning near the surface. They are a freshwater barracuda.

They say it takes quite a lot of time investment to hook a muskie. I know a lot of people are fanatical about fishing for them. You have northerns up there too, right? I caught a few of them, years ago, though none were very big. We’ve booked a lakefront place in NE PA near the NY line for a week in June (my daughter is getting married), so we should get some smaller lake fishing in then.

Pike we got, from panhandles to monsters over 40" long. Here’s an unlucky Pike.

You Tube

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Pike we got, from panhandles to monsters over 40" long. Here’s an unlucky Pike.

You Tube

It sucks to be #2 in the food chain.

Exactly why I’m starting commercial inspections.:mrgreen:

When I inherited my house boat I moved it to one of the top rated musky lakes in Ohio. I quickly realized that casting for musky is tough… and began a trolling campaign. I kept a log, and logged over 500 hours of trolling time before I caught the first one. I caught 3 in 24 hours on a great weekend. Full moon and new moon were a huge factor in my musky catches.

GW is a great boat, that model could be on my list depending on what route we end up going…my dad had a 23 Gulf Stream for 5-6 yrs when 5-11, uncle still has it

It’s looking for a new home

Have to swap the wifes Outback for a Suburban first, the amount of crap we have to cart around for the twins is nuts lol

You know its spring when fishing the topic.

Just sold 4 rod/real packages for $1,000.00
Base and musky outfits.

Thinking of selling the boat.
I just dropped $8,000 full refitting the interior.
Added electronics and a wash down.

A boat is a hole in the water you throw money at.