Looking for Florida Fishing Guide

Hey folks:

I am planning a trip to Disney this year with the wife and 6 year old boy and 3 year old girl :slight_smile: . It may be the end of April or the beginning of August for 10 days. I am looking for anybody who knows or has used a good Bass fishing guide in the Central Florida area and would recommend them. There is a lot of them on the internet, so I would love to hear some personal experiences. I only have one day of fishing while down there so I want to make it worth while as I don’t get down to Florida that often, I am not looking for cheap,I am looking for good! I want a moment where me and the boy could enjoy and cherish, and hopefully get into some of the famous 10 plus pound Florida bass :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen: , thanks for any help guys.

The Orlando area is full of bass, I’ve caught seven pounders screwing around with plastic worms in ponds in subdivisons around Apopka (got relatives out there). Crazy shiner fishing. If on a one day trip with son go with a guide that will do live shiner fishing and who matches well with your personality. Call these guides you found on the internet and find one you can have fun with, most pro’s will put you on to the fish out there and if using shiners you can’t miss. The bigger the shiner the better. Set the hook like you got a whopper 'cause you probably do, then hang on. :smiley:

Thanks for the info,
I wasn’t sure about the shiners or do artificials, looks like I will give the shiners a shot.