Anyone out there ever used Service Magic?

Hi, I am interested in knowing if anyone has ever used a company called “Service Magic” to help them generate leads. If you have what was your experience and was it worth it. Thanks

In my case it was service tragik!

Evan, I haven’t heard much good about them! I got a call earlier this week from what I thought was a prospective client. Said he wanted some info on Home Inspections. I called back and WHAM, the dude from Service Magic is on the line with the hard sell. NO THANKS!

I did 2 mold inspections this week through their leads at $9 a piece. One scheduled so far for next week.


I have had very good luck with Service Magic. Well worth the $9/lead


I signed up last week… already had three good leads off of them. They also waived the $99 membership fee because I was a member of NACHI. I would recommend them to anyone… no complaints thus far.

I havent commited yet, but I was told it is a 12 dollar lead charge. Good Luck.

$12 for home inspection leads, $9 for mold leads.