Service Magic

Has anyone here had any experience with Service Majic?

I have been approached by them for membership. Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.


Armstrong Home Inspections
Richmond, Va.

My personal opinion…Don’t waste your money.

Thanks David. I can’t access the link. No longer a member.


I used them for a few months. Every lead they sent me was for someone needing a repair of some kind and not HI services. I was charged $100 to sign up and $10 per lead. You are able to get a credit for the invalid leads but you have to respond in a short period of time and you have to prove the leads are invalid. I tried the service for about 4 months and then I stopped. It cost me the original $100 and maybe another $50 for not responding quick enough. They still call me monthly trying to get me back. They have a hard time taking “no” for an answer.
They may offer a good service to other fields, but not ours. I recommend staying away from them.

I found them to be a huge time sinkhole with no value. Called me frequently to ‘follow up’ and try to get me to list my business in categories I didn’t do and on and on and on.

They get their money from you no matter what, as long as they send you a lead, they get their money. Oh, yea if you bitch enough and waste lots of time they will ‘credit’ you for the lead, but they already have the $$ and the credit is only good for a short period of time, so WTF good is that!

Never got a credible lead, had several calls while I was doing work, and had to hang up on the pricks because they wanted to continue talking after I explained I was busy.

Of course that’s just one very disgruntled former customers opinion. If you’ve got hours and money to burn, nothing else to do, no customers and have done all the marketing you can possibly do in your market, then go for it :shock::shock::shock::mrgreen::mrgreen::mrgreen:

Thanks guys. You made my decision.

These guys started calling a few days ago. I didn’t like the idea in the first place.

I don’t need additional business enough to pay for it.

Have a great holiday!

Danny Armstrong

Armstrong Home Inspections
Richmond, Va.

If you decide to go with ServiceMagic, remember that Nick set it up so that NACHI members do not have to pay the startup fee.

I’ve been with them for a while now, and have gotten a few leads, of which none have panned out. If you talk further with them, they can tell you if your area has a good volume of service requests - I knew going in that my area does not.

It’s a good concept if the consumers in your area use the online service.

Service Tragic? :roll: :frowning: :twisted:

They where nothing but a waste of time and money for me.