Anyone recognize this stuff?

I’ve never seen it before. On the roof of an old commercial building.

Single-Ply membrane. It can either be TPO, EPDM, or PVC. Very common around here.

Most roofing contractors around here are using it extensively for commercial and residential low pitch.

Like Bradley said, look up TPO

Looks like hypalon to me.

I agree… looks like TPO. See it on manufactured homes all the time in Florida. Not a fan. Seems to rip and ripple based on how it’s installed. TPO is almost always white, while EPDM is almost always black.

In the southern states EPDM is usually white on the sunny side and black on the other, which is used mostly on RV’s. TPO is usually the choice on a home or commercial flat roof.

I installed 80 mil TPO membrane on a section of my own roof. It’s great stuff if it’s installed right.

It definitely was not EPDM, which is easily recognizable. The TPO I’ve seen has not had this texture to it but has been smooth, and I don’t rally know what PVC roofing might look like. This looked thin and cheap.

my wag
look up firestone scrim & fleece backed roofing or other brand

In my opinion Kenton it is PVC roof membrane. Look at the woven grid for the reinforced backing material.