Anyone see anything wrong?

Crawl space house under construction.

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Lets make this one educational. It is an extreme example of what not to do. I don’t know where they would get info from to do a double brick wall in this way.

I will start

Bolt sill plate to foundation using J-bolts. Seal between the sill and foundation with insulated strip. Apply flashing to direct water away from foundation.:smiley:

Should be a Pressure treated sill.

The double wythe wall was at the garage. The rest was pier and curtain wall.

Can you put bolts in brick?

I have seen ones designed to hold up decks on a ledger board tied into brick veneer but I can not speak about installing them into this designed foundation. Like I said I have never seen this here.

If this is the garage. Why would they build it this way?
It looks like they have filled all the holes with mortar.
One freeze and they are going to have snapped bricks.


Simpson does make a split strap masonry foundation anchor that looks like this …

Dont know if the install for that strap is acceptable … you would have to get the info off the strap and call the manufacturer.

JMO & 2-nickels …:wink:

"Do not use in red clay brick."

I agree about the strong tie. They may be used in block and poured concrete but can’t speak of them being installed in brick.
Even if they were according to your picture someone has installed them wrong.

A very common structural defect.

The longer Simpson MAB anchors can be used for brick at a reduced capacity (wouldn’t fly in my area with the high wind loads). They do make similar heaver duty ones (also longer) for use with brick foundations … I will see if I can find a pic.

Thats why I recommended getting the info off the strap and checking with the manufacturer if there is a question.

But be careful how you write this one up, because designers can also do a capacity calculation for brick if the manufacturer hasn’t done that testing to list values in the calalog (they typically don’t test them in brick due to the extra costs).

Would like to see some documentation on that.

Simpson doesn’t list values because brick construction varies greatly. Dont know about others. You generally need job specifics (e.g. f’m). Are you saying the anchors would have a zero capacity in brick?

I’m saying that the manufacturers of fasteners do not make an anchor approved for use in brick unless it goes to the foundation, as far as I can tell. I never said “zero”, but the system has to be approved for such use. There is little mortar for the anchor to hold on to with a brick wall. The strap would have to weave through the brick, making it next to useless when it comes to holding capabilities. And if it’s woven, it wouldn’t achieve the proper depth required by the manufacturer. If you drilled through the brick, again, there would be little to no concrete to provide strength. The strap would pull out or the bricks would peel away with the rest of the house.

Would you be concerned about freeze and thaw cycles?:frowning:
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