sill plate bolts

Do you guys check for sill plate bolts? I’ve noticed on some older homes that I cant find them.

Whats the scoop on this.

Sometimes the floor joists are notched over top of them.

Depends on the area but you will only find some masonry nails holding the frame to the foundation on homes built before late 80’s around here.

Bolts and strapping are even lacking proper installlation on most new homes.

Many builders think “code” is what they have been allowed to get by with.

Most of the code enforcement is done to the tract home builder and out of state builders. The good ole boy’s do whatever they want around here and get irate when I disclose it to my client.

If the home was built relatively recently, then yes I check for bolts or straps. But just because you can’t see them doesn’t mean they are not there. Be careful about saying the straps are absent, because they may be on the exterior of the home behind the wall siding. Just say they aren’t visible. If it’s a new home and I see one or two straps that aren’t perfect, I tend to let it slide. I look at intent: if the builder made an attempt to do it right but it’s not 100% perfect, I don’t call it out. However, if 25% or more of the foundation anchorage is wrong, then I write a nasty note.

I always check for them because I’m in earthquake country and many of the insurance companies are wanting to know if they are present. Generally, in my neck of the woods, they are present post-1945, 50/50 ca. 1938-1945, and absent pre-1938.

If it’s post-1945 construction and they are not visible anywhere, I’ll note “probably, based solely on construction date.” Generally I can find them somewhere – garage, crawl space – up until ca. 1980. After that they are pretty much not visible, especially on slabs.

This applies only to my service area from what I have noticed over the past eight years.

Thanks guys. I’m not really finding them (bolts) on homes around 45 years or older.

Older homes were built without them, modern code requires them. I call them out if I can’t find them, but I wouldn’t make a big deal out of it unless the home was in an area known for seismic activity.