Help-How Canadian members buy IR cameras?

I am NACHI Canadian member working in Montreal, Quebec. I am planning to buy an IR camera and take relevant training courses. Does anyone can help me?

Wanxing Qi

All the major manufactures require their distributors to only sell in their country. So your best bet is to call their respective Canadian divisons.

The other issue you are going to have, on some cameras, is that any camera over 9hz cannot be exported. It is a department of justice and department of commerce issue. That is why you see so many cameras being made at 9hz. Once again your best bet is to call the Canadian division of whatever manufacture you are currently looking at.


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Buying a camera from a US distributor and exporting it to Canada is not a very good idea. First off the customer can be forced to have it serviced by a US service center for the manufacture. The distributor is in direct violation of his contract with Fluke / FLIR / Testo (they all prohibit it). If the distributor gets dropped who is the customer going to call for service and/or questions? Not to mention if the customer wants a camera greater than 9hz, the customer and distributor could potentially get a call from the department of justice. Potentially they could require the camera to come back.

These are all worst case senerios, but why risk it if the customer can simply buy from a distributor that is in their country in the first place.


Who said anything about breaking any laws or exporting IR cameras?
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yeah if you are hooked up with distributors in other countries then the customer would be fine.


That is correct.

You might want to call Ashley Peden at Safety Express, she is really good and knows alot about IR her number there is 1-800-465-3898.

She can get you really good prics on FLIR thermal Cameras, and other items used in inspections, moisture meters, testers and such

I second that William i purchased my Flir B50 rite here in Toronto and they drove it to my office in Durham the next day 1-800-465-3898