Anyone want to be a guinea pig for a reporting software beta test? Free software for life

Home Inspections App (HIA) is a new to market home inspection software that is looking for home inspectors to join our Beta of our new software. As an early adopter, inspectors will get the software free for life , no gimmicks or hidden fees — all we ask is you use the software as your primary platform and provide candid and honest feedback so we can continue to improve!

We have a desktop app you can check out along with Android and Apple for phones and tablets.

To join our Beta or to learn more, please reach out to our team at


Looks like the Apple / Android links are swapped. Here they are below for reference. Thanks all!




Nick - I have emailed Josh. However, one of the first things that comes to mind is if the app will integrate processing of credit cards and payments and also get agreements signed digitally. Please advise! I am newer, so easier to swap I guess! :slight_smile:

I would love to try it. I work for a engineering firm as a private party inspector as well as a licensed home inspector. Would I still be eligible to use and adopt the “free for life” software. Of course I will provide my candid and honest feedback. It might even be something that private party inspectors or even third party companies can adopt as well as the home inspectors you are trying to market towards. Thank you for your time and feedback

Hi, when messing with the Software I have a couple suggestions:

1- Add the ability to add arrows on photos so it is easier for the client to see the problem (Spectora has this and clients have loved it)
2- Add the ability to accept credit/debit payments
3- Add ability for client to sign agreements online
4- Add ability to insert services and costs of services (to include taxes added) so everything is saved within the system when added to the inspection scheduling.
5- Add ability to have system generate e-mails to clients and agents when a inspection is scheduled or published.

I have only messed with the Apple version and not the desktop version.

While doing a final inspection I noticed that you couldn’t add photos from your phones gallery. Maybe its there and did not see it but that could be another suggestion. If you can already add photos maybe some one can tell me where that option is. Thank you in advance.

What are the chances I’ll be able to import my narratives from HIP? Ive spent 5 years on my main template.

I would be willing to try it that email address cant be found in me email for some reason

Hi Alan,

Sorry for the delay here — you can email me directly at

Look forward to connecting!


Hi David — sorry for the delay. We can support this, feel free to send me an email with you your narratives file and we can get it uploaded!


Does anyone know if this app is still usable? I haven’t been using it due to not being active but now had an inspection I did this morning and can’t get into the app. Can’t even reach anybody. All their emails and numbers have changed. One number now went to Inspectify and they said they’d send it over but times running out. I don’t have time to start up new software at this point.

Looks like they abandoned the app along with my reports.

Guess it was free for ‘their’ life.

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Yes, short lived!

Welcome back Junior Fudge. Enjoy. HA HA. That is Larrys Quote.

Where’s Larry?! :grinning:

He is on strike with a few other guys. I think. where is waldo.

It’s good to take time out. Larry and a few others donate a lot of time to the forum. :grinning:

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They are missed.

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I swapped over and have done a couple reports with Inspector Nexus and am happy with it. Larry recommended it and he was right.

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