HIP mobile reviews

Hey everybody. A couple of wisenhymers got on the apple app store and put a few negative reviews about the Home Inspector Pro mobile app. I rarely review apps and software but I didn’t feel like the negatives were fair assessments so I posted my own review. I’d like to encourage everyone who uses HIP mobile and likes it to go to the app store and leave your own review. I don’t think anyone has helped me more in my home inspection career than Dominic Maricic has, except maybe Nick Gromicko. I’ve found Home Inspector Pro to be the best software for me on the market. Customer service is spot on and technical support is second to none.

“You’re a beta tester” is in the area where the review ratings usually are located so I guess beta testers can’t review. It is clear that the negative reviews (I only read a couple) were from people who had no idea what they were talking about.

yeah, i know, it just kind of pisses me off when you got guys who are clearly just being a-holes. I mean, if they were really HIP users they would at least report any bugs and try to get a fix before leaving negative reviews. Especially considering Dominic is so willing to help. Before I bought HIP Dominic e-mailed me at length about other software and the pros and cons of each. Also, I don’t remember if it was Dom or someone else I talked to when I was ready to buy, they suggested I continue to use the trial for a while because they knew there was a holiday sale coming around. If you like another software, who cares? Go ahead and use another software but to leave negative reviews for anyone online can be detrimental.

Unfortunately we know that a few of our competitors have left bad reviews (you can see their usernames) but I think the last 2 are just people who don’t realize what a 1 star should mean vs a 5 star.