Anything else wendy wants to comment on are we all done yet?


Go for it :frowning:


You must have missed the last few weeks when all of us were getting along and I have been posting very germaine to the topics at hand.

I’m sorry Gerry. You’ll have to go play by yourself. Three hours and nobody posted in your little thread.

Not one person has come in and just blindly attacked me like this since the James incident. Hopefully you’ll learn a lesson from this. Maybe the swelling will go down as well.

Please put the ignore button on and leave me alone. I’ll be doing the same.

I am with you Gerry but she is every where on this BB she said That she would not be making any more posts that lasted for a very short time and now into high gear again .
Even when she knows nothing on a subject she has lots to say .
Help from Wendy is seldome seen .
Post’s from Wendy are always seen .
She should been named Windy not Wendy.
Sorry I have done it now and here comes windy Wendy again

Have you ever gone back and looked at your posts Roy? Lots of people can’t understand them and they aren’t always as helpful as you might think.

As to not knowing anything?

here’s the compliment I got today on a report I wrote:


So, anything else you would like to add Roy?


Hows your arm

how’s my arm?


I am with Gary and Roy on this one. She has so much to say about nothing.

I am just curious. How would you feel if others said that about you?

OH, and it’s Gerry and Roy.

Gary wouldn’t ever say anything like that about me.

Yes this is my last post to Poor Wendy for a while .
I have not followed her for about 1,000 posts and will try to stay away for another 1,000 6 weeks ±.

It looks to me like Wendy is very frustrated and Flustrated, She might be better of if she is able to find a lover to help with hot spells.
She has done considerable trolling on this ( And maybe other ) sites.
I wish her all the best and hope things soon work out for her .

You have an amazing fantasy life Roy. :slight_smile: You sure are a Superman to be able to see through that computer screen and tell whether or not I’m frustrated and flustrated (is that a word?) :slight_smile:

Who’s trolling Roy? Have you ever done a home inspection Roy? How do we know this?

Wish me the best? Oh my goodness, that is so funny. The best thing that could happen to me, would be for people to stop making up lies about me and leave me alone. :slight_smile:

Wanna make my wishes come true? :wink:

When is the last time you got any?? I mean from a female and not self induced in the shower… I HEAR YOU’RE PRETTY HANDY:p :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:

:cool: chuckling:cool:

Oh Wendy, Wendy, Wendy are you getting picked on again ?

You’re right up there with Elvis, UFO’s and Hitler…you’ll always be spoken about to and fro, good or bad:)


I know…I tell ya. I am not sure if I should be flattered or not. :wink:

Can you believe Roy is STILL on the puter? What is that 5 or 6 hours now? :wink:

OK - not that I speak with any authority, but I think I will jump in and suggest that personal attacks are not only unprofessional, but unproductive.

I understand that Wendy rubs some the wrong way. OK - so just click the ignore feature and go about your lives.

I rub many the wrong way, too. SO does Roy, and RR, etc… We are who we are and at this stage of our lives, we don’t need to apologize for our personas to anyone, nor do we need to please anyone or expect that they should be acting to please us.

I am as guilty as the next guy of lapsing into debates on various issues and sometimes getting too personally combative. But usually, I can see that and go back and correct it because in the end, no one here has done me harm and I hold no grudges.

Are these really the posts you want your potnential clients to use in judging you and nachi?

I know I hope clients don’t read these threads - even by accident, so I have long since stopped referring them here.

I’m not to proud to chastise myself, but I will also implore of everyone else to grow up, be tolerant, and add to the content in a positive and useful way.

I never refer anyone to these boards because of it. Of course there are the people who happen across my posts and write to me to question why people give me such a hard time and to tell me they support me and like my posts.

Those make up for the yucky ones. :slight_smile:

I understand, and I think those that seem to have a personal animus against you should really refocus their energy.

There are a mirad of people I despise. I don’t make a habit out of posting it for my clients to read (these posts come up on Google searches) and I certainly don’ find it a good use of my time.

Yes, I have let emotion get the better of me on occasion, and most times I try to go back and edit and offer private or public apologies to individuals that I may have offended (if appopriate.)

I was in politics too long not to enjoy debate, and a campaign professional for too long not to understand the short term power and long-term damage of demonizing the opposition (even when I really find them deplorable human beings).

There are many who seem to want to be able to charage a lot for their services based on the fact that they consider themselves professionals, not tradesmen. So, I call on them to act like professionals.

For the rest of us regular guys trying to make it in this world - just be nice to people, even those you don’t want to invite over for dinner. It doesn’t cost anything, it improves the level of dialogue, and it makes the industry and this org look nore professional to outsiders.


go wendy