Anything wrong with this kitchen island outlet?

It’s a rhetorical question by the way.

041912 040.JPG

did You stick anything in there?

They need seat belts for the chairs with that slant/must be settling.
Now **move **the chairs so I can see it. (get it)

GFCI not required by the way.

Did you hit your head again…lol

I would think that question is a real knee jerk-her. LOL

If this is the only island outlet, is that a problem?

Is there a question here? or are you playing Mr Wizard?

If it is more than 18 inches below the counter it is serving the living space and if it had a sink it would need GFCI protection on it as serving the actual counter.

Judging by he small slice of layout I see it was put there to serve the living space not seen.

Personally I am more concerned with that under cabinet light.

:shock: OMG! Did you really post that? Where’s that thread where you inserted all those squiggly lines in a picture showing how someone could die :smiley:

Just jerking your chain, but you are correct - no gfci required for this receptacle.


BTW, that slab of rock should be supported with corbels…

You remember that…you jerk.:slight_smile:
That was like 5 years ago…lol

My original argument was that the 18 inch rule is stupid as you might still be using a counter appliance near a sink plugged in beyond the 18 inches.

Here’s what I was getting at:

“The island outlet does not actually “serve the countertop”. Today’s commonly accepted construction standards specify an outlet should not be located where the countertop extends more than 6 inches beyond its support base. Today’s kitchen appliances have short cords which restricts the ability to use the island outlet. Service to relocate or add an additional outlet is recommended.”

And Bob, outlets serving the island are required to have a GFCI whether there is a sink there or not. And at least one outlet serving the countertop is required at an island.

Two points.
The tv cord is 6 feet (see illustration) (ever hear of extension cords)? people use them and I use a common sense approach rather than geek approach.

I call out only counter surface continuous from the sink.Other side of a stove for instance is fine as you will not be plugging in any blender across the burners.

I have no need to follow latest NEC publication.

The sinkless/waterless island GFCI makes no sense to me but it sure can’t hurt.

GFCI kitchen placement.jpg

Not sure what you mean about the TV. You seem to say that you don’t concern yourself with the lack of GFCIs if the outlet is > 6’ from the sink. If so, you do your client’s a disservice. You can run a blender full of liquid from any countertop in the kitchen.

Huh…did you even read what I wrote or look at the NEC illustration?
Guess not.

Common sense…

Joe… got any other pic’s (overview) of the kitchen area? Curious.

I read that you said you have no need to follow the latest NEC. That’s what caused my confusion.

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041912 039.JPG

So the only issue is that the island does not have the one required receptacle.

The builder thought the one provided was sufficient. But it didn’t “serve the countertop”.

Good catch