Since this outlet is within 6’ of the sink should it be GFCI? It is not. It does not serve the kitchen counter or does it?


I do not consider it to serve the countertop, therefore no gfci needed.

My rule of thumb, when in doubt, if I cannot touch the outlet while standing in front of the counter, (not the sink) than it does not serve the countertop.

Yep it should be GFCI

to me the common sense applies. If you plugged something in where would you set it? To me it looks as though you would set it on the counter directly above the sink…

If a standard cord will reach water it should be GFCI protected.

Must be within 18 inches of the surface to be considered as needing it according to code.

I put up a valiant fight for the other side in a forum fight a few years back, but you can call it out depending on the situation in my opinion.

It’s been thoroughly discussed before.


for the sake of discussion (since we don’t know the actual info) let’s say the sink is 3 feet from the hallway wall…

let’s say there is an outlet 2 ft 10 inches into the hallway, at counter level…

does that outlet serve the counter???

No, and neither does this outlet. Not to say it couldn’t be, but it is not intended to be.

204 comments on the subject here:

Most appliance cords are not long enough to reach that outlet.

Not serving the counter IMHO.

Any forum old timers remember this image that I put up back then?



Quite nicely summed up Bob. Not required by Code.

If you read my old comments ,you already know not to get me started.:slight_smile:

Absolutely NOT required.

Depends on the AHJ in your area, most of Minnesota the electrical inspectors will require it to be gfci protected. They have made there own change to the code so here it is all kitchen and dining room outlets. Even if not going that way I would gfci that outlet because most crock pot cords would reach that outlet from the counter.