Apartment inspection..??

Just got a call from a lady who would like the apt she is renting inspected. She has several issues the landlord is ignoring. I told her to call the local code enforcement office. she is disabled and doesn’t want to get kicked out. Has anyone ran into this before?? I would like to give her the proper info as how to move forward. Thanks

I’ve done several of them for not only apartment but rental properties and did them just the same way that I would do any other inspection. paying particular attention to the areas of concern for the customer.

Do a consultation not a home inspection and maybe write a nice polite letter for her to the landlord pointing out the issues.

You will get more flies with honey than vinegar.

Attack the landlord then they will get defensive and ready to fight.

Often, you need the permission of the landlord to enter. Caution.

Many city rentals will fall under the International Building Maintenance Code. The version that you city uses will be available for review. I use this document to determine what to look at during rental inspections.

Any issues found can then be directed to the local building department.