Appraisal affiliation

Started doing appraisal inspections for a local company. Simple 20 - 30 minute photographic inspection and taking note of finishes. (Lino vs Tile - Arborite vs Stone…) It has been a successful endeavor on both sides. Now the company has suggested using their employee infrastructure to grow my business, since the office staff would generally do the same thing. Thus allowing the inspectors to just inspect. Thoughts?

Same thing as what? Are they a lead service? Phone service? Payroll service? Etc

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The company I am contracting to does Appraisal services. They have office staff that would do similar jobs as that of a large inspection company. Administration mostly

Might be a win win. There are other services out there that do the same sort of thing. I do not use one. My first thought was (and I am a skeptic) they may have interest in your customer base, referral base or business model. Best of luck, I hope someone who uses these services chimes in for you.

An inspector that is a skeptic, unheard of. :rofl: