Question. Do you all ask the new owner for an annual inspection contract?

In other words, do you ask your client to agree to have you return every year for an annual inspection of the commercial property?

I’m trying to decide if we should include a reference to this in our new commercial property inspection brochure.

It would depend on the type of commercial property I am inspecting. If it was an office building with a high turnover rate or a shopping center, storefront, or similar property I would be asking for their annual inspection business. If it is something like a garage or a building that is going to be gutted and remodeled, I might mention it, but I am not going to count on getting anymore work from them unless they want me to come back after the remodel.

I do Roof inspections every year for about 63 commercial buildings I have inspected in the past who want pictures, current condition, are repairs needed, etc.

But I do not push having the building reinspected yearly, frankly, I don’t have the time, and the pay would be much less naturally, but would be an easy inspection since you’re already familiar with the property.

Other than the roof and the AC units (in the valley of the sun), there really isn’t a drastic need for anything else to be inspected every year, besides the fire suppression system which is inspected by the service provider.

Nick it would work for apt. bldgs. unless the bldgs. had a high turnover (depending on the area). I have some upscale bldgs. that I do maint. inspections in every year (or close to). The low end where the average tenant occupancy is 8 months, well, it would be a hard sell. I’ve tried to get owners of these to have me come in at a reduced rate at each move-out and they think it is a waste of money. I agree to some extent. Retail units are usually a no too, they wait for a problem to arise and then repair.
Just info that I’ve seen.