Appraisal issue-brick foundation

Our appraisal came back, but they want us to get this looked at by a contractor.

The previous seller had it looked at and said it was not major and it would cost 300 dollars to fix. Does anyone have an input on the pictures that are below? The more I look at it the more I’m worried about the house. It sits on a slight hill and was built in 1999.

Now sure if this will come through, but the realtors released the whole inspection that was done by a contractor in the in the past 3 months. It looks like they have fixed the honeycomb, rebar showing, patches, and cracks in the basement.

This is the inspection that was done by a contractor. We just recently found out about this…

These are the pics of the exter of the foundation. With the front picture of the house you can see the slight hill it sits on…

You don’t have a brick foundation.

What did your home inspector have to say about it?