Foundation question this time with pics

It is a town house and the foundation wall is an inside foundation wall. I realize the form is never perfect but this just looks a little messy for me. I’ve recommended further evaluation. Any thoughts on what is going on here?

It looks like it was caused when the top plate was installed. And possibly the top section of the wall was a cold pour, thus when the top plate was placed and the tie down bolt placed the concrete broke off. Doesn’t it warrant further investigation? No not in my opinion. Does it need to be repaired? No in my opinion. What could be done is an expoxy patch could be applied but I am not sure it would add anything to do so.

Yes it is poor work, but like Ray said, I wouldn’t recommend anyone “further evaluate it” either.

Hard to tell from the last picture, but it almost looks like you have termite tubes there.

Side note: Recommend repair by a licensed contractor (concrete, engineer, etc.). It is then their job to **evaluate **the wall and design the proper repairs.

More CYAWP, huh!!!

Hate that “further evaluation” stuff when its not needed.
Customers of inspectors who engage in that should just go ahed and get a technical inspection from each of the experts.

I would call it out a “less than professional workmanship by the foundation sub-contractor” and recommend evaluation by a sE.

Obviously sub standard. Just look at those gaps. The sill plate is not properly supported.

Just because we are ‘generalists’ does not mean that we cannot see, know and call out crap.

The ‘evaluation’ to not to have an SE back up our call, but to have the SE recommend how to fix the bloody mess!

Just for grins:

B4U Close get an estimate for any repairs required at the foundation areas where absent concrete is depicted in these 6 photos.

The cost of this repair would most likely cost well less than a $<1K.

Thats helpful. Thanks for your valuable input. You are really creating a positive atmoshphere. Why create fear of posting by critisizing those that do? If you don’t have something positive to contribute why post? I suppose you know everything and that gives you the right? Please.

Hi. Craig;

Been on vacation for seven days, and see that while I was gone another Foundation Contractor was born for his Infamous workmanship. ha. ha.

You need to call it as you see it, and judging from your pictures, I would definitely call it as sub-standard work in foundation work and recommend further evaluation by a prominent Contractor for repairs required.

Alarming, no. Need repair. yes.

This foundation was poured with no attention to a level grade required for the installation of the framing, and the framing Contractor did what he could to parge enough areas to install his sill plate.

Constituted repairs would be required to just provide the necessary support to the sill and make somewhat air-tight, since the installation of sill seal, would have been useless judging from your photos.

Since as an HI, you are not expected to call or recommend the how to fix, I think you made a good call to recommend further evaluation.
Some evaluator out there, I am sure will fix it right.?
You did your part, now move on to the next one.

Good work and like I said, report it as you see it.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: