Aqua pex piping

Over the last month I have been running into issues with aqua-pex piping. As in the Insurance companys are turning away new home owners or increasing their premiums because of this plumbing in general, new houses here in Alberta are still being fitted with this system. I am aware of the class actions out there but its mosting due to the Chinese fittings being used …Anyone else had any such issues with insurance

Just read the article. Wow.pex was used in many of the high-end homes that I worked on in the 90’s.

Its the only thing I found, nothing more resent makes you wonder

It’s primarily the plastic fittings that are questionable. They were subject to failing and leaks. Recommend a plumber change the fittings to brass as that would be an acceptable alternative. It may or may not be practical given most are buried in the attic spaces and are sometimes inaccessible. The transitions at the fixtures are generally copper tubing.

It’s certain brass fittings with crimp rings that are the majority issue

Yes, it’s clear it the article the brass and copper fittings were/are the issue, not plastic.