Spectra / Waterfurnace

For those who have not seen one of these Geo-Thermal units…

I see these approximately 1 - 3 X per month.

These photos are from one of Today’s Inspections…

Nice never seen them

Never seen that before…thanks.

Thanks Joe most interesting .
More info http://oikos.com/esb/53/waterfurnace.html

Roy Cooke

Looks like a nice installation job

I have a certification from Water Furnace I got a few years back, haven’t seen one in a while. With any HVAC unit installation is the key. You can have a very high efficient unit but a bad install will cost you more than you would have saved.

A few more photos of geo therms…

My first exposure to Geo-Thermal HVAC systems was in the late 60’s. My first system design of a Water-Source Heat Pump system(s) was in a High-End Residence in Metro Atlanta. It had six (6) FHP (Fla. Ht. Pumps) sytems, ranging from 11/2 to 3 tons, all running off a private well and about a 15-20 acre private lake. We were heating/cooling the finsihed areas of the home, heating by reclaim the water, bypassing and heating the pool in the back yard (20’x40’+/-) as well as providing sprinkler operation around the Gardens of the yard.
One problem we ran into was in heating the swimming pool. On HOT summer days the heated pool use to get up to Bath tub temperatures because the A/C systems were operating so much. We first added a seperate airator system direct from the well system, providing 55F+/-water into the pool area. The kids loved it but the owners said their Hearts could’nt take the shock in the contrasting water temperatures.
It was a learning process, but once we got the kinks out and design down we were selling and installing systems in commercial as well as residential settings. Engineers from FHP, Carrier, Trane, etc. were great to work with back in those days. I haven’t thought about those days, since forever.
I’m sure todays systems have evolved into sophisticated pieces of environmental technology.
Sorry about personally digressing, but these are special systems. My plan is to install Geo-Thermal, if enough water and enough field is available, in our retirement home in the No.Ga. Mtn. community we are moving to.

Cool Joe, thanks for sharing. I have never seen one.:neutral: And I hope I never do as I would not have a clue.:(:shock: