Archeological flat roof

Did an inspection, last week. 2 flat, in forclosure, and client buyibg it to convert it to a SFH. Originally built in 1889 and in pretty good shape (considering)/

Flat roof, built up.

About 14 layers or built up roof, with gravel in some of the layers. The distance from the decking (which was kinda rotted) to the top payer was 13 inches. Looked like geological stratta rather than a roof. I would swear I saw Trilobite fossils in one of the lower layers.

Client was upset that I didn’t want to walk the roof and tried to himself (contractor type (sparky) brother). I kept him from doing so because I had no confidence that the roof would hold him. 14 layers of built up, with gravel, can be pretty heavy.

Recommended COMPLETE tear off and evaluation of the decking and the joists.

Client’s smart-A** brother in law informed him that this was not necessary and that he had a “friend” to would spread some asphalt driveway sealed on the roof and it would be good as new :shock: .

I called client, after send him the report, and “recommended” that they consult a state licensed and insured roofer to take care of the roof. She assured me that here Brother would not be getting anywhere the place.

At least she isn’t stupid.




Enhanced that a bit, so we can all contemplate it in its full glory: