Architect Sued?

This is quite unusual to here.

MIT Sues Renowned Architect For Alleged Flaws In Unusual Building

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Created: 11/6/2007 2:31:54 PM
Updated: 11/6/2007 3:57:22 PM

BOSTON (AP) – MIT is suing world-renowned architect Frank Gehry, alleging serious design flaws in the 300 million dollar Stata Center, a building widely celebrated for its unconventional walls and radical angles.

The suit alleges that soon after its completion in spring 2004, the center’s outdoor amphitheater began to crack due to drainage problems. The suit also claims the building has persistent leaks and mold grew on the center’s brick exterior.

The Boston Globe reports the suit filed in Suffolk Superior Court in Boston seeks unspecified damages for costs and expenses incurred by MIT. The school paid Los Angeles-based Gehry Partners $15 million to design the Stata Center.

The newspaper says the firm did not respond to calls and e-mails seeking comment.

Marcel :slight_smile:

Frank Louyd Wright built some really cool buildings. BUT, they are a real mess to maintain.

Architects “Design” and don’t alway know how to build.

I would like to see that all architects serve 3 years (at least) swinging a hammer, pulling wire, nailing shingles and pouring concrete BEFORE they can get licensed.

Around here, residential buildings (under 4 units) require no review of the plans by a structural engineer. You ought to see the messes I have seen.

I agree Will, and have noticed this for many years and it is not getting better.

As it is on my own job right now, the wall designs were screwed up all and every detail on the drawings are wrong and don’t work and new building elevation in height did not match and overhangs of existing to new were screwed up, brick on low roofs to high roofs mal designed and the list goes on.

How do I resolve the issues, sketch out how it should be done an send it to her. Yes it is a her and the same Firm last year was a her that would blow my mind as to how smart and sharp she was.
So I guess it takes all kinds to make the world go round.

Like everything else, the good, bad, and the ugly.


I find it hysterical that a world renowned engineering school, with all those PhDs running around, didn’t bother to review the plans. Also, why are they only suing the architect? They only designed how the building would look, the actual systems would be designed by mechanical, structural, etc. engineers. Given the nature of the school, I really think they will have a hard time prevailing in court.

Will, the problem is the same with architects and engineers. Since most construction companies now are really just management companies, not design and build like the old days, the problems are just getting worse. Most architects and design engineers have never set foot on a construction site for longer than a few minutes. They both serve in training under licensed superiors for four years, but they also have never really been on a construction site either. The worst part is that architects only take survey courses on engineering mechanics, strength of materials and construction materials. They should be required to take the same courses that engineers take. Too much of the focus is on “How pretty or daring it will be” instead of “How long will it stand?” They are designing buildings; if they want to be artists, they should go to art school and paint or sculpt.