Interesting isnpection, today

Did an inspection today for an Architect (water intrusion, not pre-purchase). Here firm built a 4,800 SF single family contemporary style townhome in Chicago’s North side, on spec. Wooden framed with masonry exterior. They couldn’t sell (built in 2008, right at the downturn) and so they have been renting it. They had some water intrusion problems.

In any case, not too bad. The failed to ventilate the roof (flat roof) and had condensation on the underside of the roof deck, as well as some other, relatively minor, problems.

She seemed to be happy and we got to talking. She had a Masters in Architecture and 18 years experience, but she was absolutely clueless about construction and best practices. She asked me a thousand questions on how to properly do this and that. She asked me what I would charge to a) look over plans before she submits them to the construction process and b) oversee the actual construction. WTF?

It is amazing to me that Architects have so little knowledge of construction, best practices and basic building science, yet they are the “gods” on any construction site.

Go figure.

We are not paid enough.

The low-cost, cheap inspectors help keep our profession at the low side. Those of us who show professionalism, knowledge to others gain the most respect.

Everyone is a specialist in narrow fields today…except us H.I’s of course.:slight_smile:

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Did an Inspection for an Engineer and he was shocked how little he new about the actual construction of the home. He had vast knowledge in the mechanics and was very happy with the report and gave a great testimony.
He purchased the place and had very few problems to repair but learned allot because he fallowed me like a puppy dog.

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